Facts on Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich alumni

Werner Heisenberg

Was a German theoretical physicist and amongst the key creators of quantum mechanics.

10 facts about Werner Heisenberg

Max Planck

Was a German theoretical physicist.

10 facts about Max Planck

Max von Laue

Was a German physicist who won the 1914 Nobel Prize in physics for his discovery of X-ray crystallography which helps in determining the arrangement of atoms in some substances.

10 facts about Max von Laue

Hans Bethe

Was a German-born American theoretical physicist who is credited as one fo the founders of quantum physics.

10 facts about Hans Bethe

Konrad Adenauer

Konrad Adenauer was a German statesman.

10 facts about Konrad Adenauer

Louis Agassiz

An American physician and innovator in studying the Earth's history.

10 facts about Louis Agassiz

Otto Hahn

A German chemist.

10 facts about Otto Hahn