Facts on Leipzig University alumni

Tycho Brahe

Was a Danish nobleman known for his precise and widespread astronomical and planetary observations.

10 facts about Tycho Brahe

Paul Ehrlich

Was a German physicist known for his work in new sciences including chemotherapy

10 facts about Paul Ehrlich

Edward Teller

Was a Hungarian-born American nuclear physicist who was instrumental in the production of the first atomic bomb as well as the world’s first thermonuclear weapon, Hydrogen bomb.

10 facts about Edward Teller

Emil Kraepelin

Was a German psychiatrist who is widely considered to be the funder of modern psychiatry and psychopharmacology.

10 facts about Emil Kraepelin

Carl Bosch

was a German chemist and engineer and Nobel laureate in chemistry

10 facts about Carl Bosch

Gottfried Leibniz

was a German mathematician and philosopher

10 facts about Gottfried Leibniz