Facts on Best Musical or Comedy Actor Golden Globe (television) winners

Bruce Willis

Is an American born actor best known for playing fast, hard-hitting action roles in movies such as Die Hard.

10 facts about Bruce Willis

Michael Douglas

Is a well-respected American actor who has won several awards during his career in films.

10 facts about Michael Douglas

Robin Williams

Is a gifted television and film actor and comedian

10 facts about Robin Williams

John Goodman

Is a hugely popular American film, stage and television actor.

10 facts about John Goodman

Alec Baldwin

Is a widely successful American born, television, stage and film actor.

10 facts about Alec Baldwin

Michael J. Fox

Is a Canadian American actor, producer, voice over artist and activist.

10 facts about Michael J. Fox

Don Cheadle

is an American actor and producer

10 facts about Don Cheadle

Charlie Sheen

is an American actor.

10 facts about Charlie Sheen

Ted Danson

is an American actor, author, and producer

10 facts about Ted Danson