10 Unmentionable Facts About Underwear

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Underwear is something that most people either give very little or too much attention to depending on their predilections. Underwear is usually considered filthy by most people and should not be shared. This is one form of clothing that should be duped whenever users are through with them. However, you will be surprised at 10 unmentionable facts about underwear.

1. Secondhand trade underwear still takes place

Well, you probably did not imagine think about this. Secondhand trading is very much alive and takes place in Japan legally. The trade started in the early 1990 where secondhand underwear was sold in vending machines. This declined but there still remain some few vending machines selling them. Most of the underwear sold was worn by school girls in Japan.

2. Anti fart underwear

This clearly sounds funny but then is true. The underwear was designed by a UK company to specifically help people with digestive issues. The underwear was capable of filtering out smelly odor which gave it a lot of attention leading to most healthy individual trying it out.

3. Edible underwear

Sounds really crazy but then there exists edible underwear. The thought of munching your underwear may put some people off but then edible underwear has been in existence since 1975. David Sanderson and Chicagoans Lee Brady were the first people to design such an underwear using candy. They found it difficult to secure a patent for it but did eventually succeed. Nowadays you will be surprised that an edible underwear costs upwards of $100. The have raked up $150,00o sales in a month when they were at their peak. They are nowadays used at parties and in helping partners enjoy sex more.

4. Children's Thongs from Abercrombie's

Abercrombie produced the first children thongs which led to some criticism from over the years. The first children thong was released in 2002 and despite creating some controversies, it remains in the market and is worn by younger girls. The company claimed its intent was to make young girls look cuter.

5. Mormon underwear

The Mormon sect of Christianity have a unique choice on the type of under garments they wear. There underwear comes in a set of some white boxers and white T-shirts with the symbol of the church. They can only be got at specialized church websites and stores.

6. Underwear for dogs

A Cairo University wanted to test how undergarments could affect the sperm production. To perform such tests they used dogs which were dressed with a cotton and polyester underwear. Another group of dogs were left as the control and the experiments went on for 3 months in which regular tests were done on sperm production. There were no big changes in sperm production although dogs that wore polyester underwear showed some small decline in sperm production.

7. Prisoner stitched underwear

Prisoners in a South Carolina jail were hired by Third generations in 1990 to help stitch underwear so that they can make a few dollars. Well, most people cannot imagine having their underwear stitched by prisoners and this might put off some people when making love. The prisoners themselves have a shortage of underwear and the conditions inside prison might not be the best to for stitching your under garment.

8. Economic Index

The men underwear can be a great way to show how the economy is going. In 2009, the sale of men underwear dropped by 2.3% due to the economic crisis but then again rose to 6.4% in 2011 when the economy grew.

9. Wedgie-proof underwear

A wedgie-proof underwear was created in 2007 after some incidents of joking. The underwear actually comes off after some pulling of and is also featured in some movie called 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs'.

10. Color blindness underwear

This is a problem faced by most men who are color blind. Have you ever asked yourself if the color of your partner's underwear is exactly the color it is? Color blindness came to light after 1790 when a scholar John Dalton bough her mother some pair of stocking thinking they were blue while they were red.

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