10 Evil Serial Killers That Are Still On The Run

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Serial killers, especially the Zodiac killer, are the most legendary criminals of all time. Many have been captured, but some are still at large and probably ready to commit murder. Here is a list of 10 evil serial killers that are still on the run, despite extensive police manhunts:

1. The Long Island Killer

This killer dismembered and dumped several victims on the shores of Long Island since 1996. 14 victims in total have been linked to this violent killer, who has since evaded capture. Most of the victims had connections to the sex trade, and police believe he may have a background in law enforcement. One of his victims included a young toddler.

2. The vending machine killer

A serial killer in Japan laced drinks in vending machine chutes, with an herbicide called paraquat. This poison would cause nausea, and a few days later, the victim stopped breathing. 10 people died while 35 more survived the poisoning. The perpetrator has never been caught. Many copycat poisonings have happened in Japan ever since.

3. The Wes Mesa Killer

The remains of 11 women and a fetus were discovered in the desert near Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2009. A serial killer referred to as the Wes Mesa Bone Collector was suspected to be the culprit. He has never been caught, although he has been connected to several other crimes.

4. The Edgecombe County Killer

This North Carolina County witnessed the gruesome murders of nine women and a male transvestite, between 2005 and 2010. All the women were African American prostitutes. They were stabbed and then bludgeoned to death, while the male victim was dismembered.

5. The Daytona Beach Killer

The bodies of four women were found dumped in the open on Daytona Beach between 2005 and 2008. All the women were shot through the head. The killer has never been apprehended, and is believed to be a long haul tracker. These killings have been linked to 24 other murders along Florida highways.

6. The Stoneman

Over 13 people have fallen victim to this horrendous killer in India between 1985 and 1988. This serial murderer targeted homeless people who slept on the streets. He used a large rock to crush their heads whilst they slept. He has never been caught, despite one man surviving this cruel ordeal. 12 more people were murdered again in Calcutta in 1989, using the same crushing method. No suspect has been identified ever since.

7. The Hwaseong Killer

Ten women were raped and strangled with their own clothes between 1986 and 1991. This happened in South Korea, and became the most notorious murders in the country’s history. The fourth victim survived, and gave a description of a slender man in his twenties. Despite recovery of a DNA sample, the killer has never been apprehended to this day.

8. The B1 Butcher

This is Namibia’s most infamous killer. He dismembered and decapitated some of his victims, then dumped the body parts separately. These crimes began in 2005, with the last victim discovered in 2007. He is still on the run, despite the efforts of Namibian and South African law enforcement.

9. The New Bedford Highway Killer

Sex workers and drug addicts were targeted by this Massachusetts killer in 1988. 11 women were murdered, and their bodies dumped by the roadside. A few suspects were identified, though no evidence was ever sufficient to convict them.

10. The East Area Rapist

Also known as the Original Night Stalker, this Sacramento killer committed over 50 rapes and ten murders. This happened between 1979 and 1986. He began by breaking into homes, and then escalated his crimes to rape and finally murder. He was infamously recorded in a phone call to one of his victims.

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