Ten fun facts about Sigourney Weaver

Fact 1
Sigourney Weaver was the child of the President of NBC and an English actress in New York, destined to follow her parent’s footsteps in the showbiz.

Fact 2
Beginning her career in off-Broadway shows, Sigourney went on to do science fiction movies over the next three decades.

Fact 3
She was born Susan Alexandra Weaver but took up the moniker Sigourney after being inspired by a character in “The Great Gatsby”.

Fact 4
Sigourney has over the years admitted to being shy and under confident as a child, owing to her being taller than other girls her age, amongst other reasons.

Fact 5
Sigourney Weaver enrolled herself in the Yale Drama School and was ready for the world of acting by the year 1974.

Fact 6
Her work in “Alien” in the year 1979 put her in the limelight as she played the iconic character of Ripley in this classic sci-fi movie.

Fact 7
Sigourney Weaver had a host of movies to choose from post “Alien” and joined mega projects like “Ghost Busters”.

Fact 8
Over the years, she has garnered many Academy Award nominations, notably for movies like the Alien sequel and “Working Girl”.

Fact 9
Another big role she took up was with James Cameron for the CGI-heavy “Avatar”, which is the highest grossing movie of all time.

Fact 10
Known to go out of her way to find interesting and challenging movies, her fans love Sigourney and call her as the “The Sci-Fi Queen”.

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Short about Sigourney Weaver
Is an American movie actress best known for her work in cult-classic science fiction movies amidst other commended work.

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