Ten fun facts about Pumpkins

Fact 1
The difference between pumpkins and squash are noticeable in the stems, which are prickly and angular.

Fact 2
The name comes from the word 'pepon', which is Greek for "large melon".

Fact 3
Around 2005, white pumpkins gained popularity, and while most pumpkins are orange, they can also be dark green.

Fact 4
The first carved pumpkin lantern used for Halloween was recorded around 1866.

Fact 5
Pumpkin chunking, or where a pumpkin is thrown as far as possible, is a competitive activity during autumn in the United States.

Fact 6
In competitions, giant pumpkins are grown and can weigh over 1,000 pounds. The world record, set in 2010, was 1,810 pounds.

Fact 7
Although they are often mistaken for vegetables, they are scientifically a fruit because of their seeds.

Fact 8
Pumpkins have been used in popular culture, ranging from "Cinderella" and her pumpkin carriage and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and the Pumpkin King.

Fact 9
Canned pumpkin is recommended by vets for dogs with digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea or hairballs.

Fact 10
Seeds from pumpkins are a good source of protein, copper, zinc and magnesium.

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Short about Pumpkins
A round, deep yellow to orange type of squash plant.

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