Ten fun facts about Kate Winslet

Fact 1
Kate Winslet was born in England in 1975.

Fact 2
She first started acting when she was aged seven and worked on different British stage productions for a long time.

Fact 3
Her first starring role was in the movie “Heavenly Creatures” in the year 1995.

Fact 4
Just two years after she started acting, she bagged the role that made her a global sensation in the second-most successful movie of all time, “Titanic”.

Fact 5
Kate is one of the youngest actresses to have been awarded with a total of six Academy Award Nominations for her acting, “The Reader” being a recent addition to the list.

Fact 6
Kate worked in the hit British television show “Get Back” before she hit the limelight in the movies.

Fact 7
She has refused to try and obtain a size-zero look, which she feels is unhealthy and unattractive too.

Fact 8
She joined an ensemble cast in the production of the Shakespearean movie “Sense and Sensibility” and stood her ground amongst many recognizable faces like Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson.

Fact 9
Kate has done other dramatic movie adaptations of old literature in the form of movies like “Jude” and “Hamlet”.

Fact 10
She lent her voice to the song “What If” in the animated movie “A Christmas Carol” and the song was a top ten hit in the United Kingdom.

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Short about Kate Winslet
Is a British actress known for the iconic characters she has played over the years and for her off-beat selection of movie roles.

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