Ten fun facts about John Logie Baird

Fact 1
The Logie Awards, an Australian award ceremony honoring the television industry, was named after him.

Fact 2
His invention of the first color picture television earned him number 44 in the BBC's list of 100 Greatest Britons.

Fact 3
Although he attended the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde, he never graduated.

Fact 4
He is actually credited with creating the first live, moving television with an image using reflected light.

Fact 5
The first working television he invented used some items like darning needles, a used tea chest, an old hatbox and a pair of scissors.

Fact 6
The image he used on his first television was an office worker below his laboratory, making him the first person to be televised.

Fact 7
When first wanting to promote his invention, the news editor he spoke with claimed he was crazy.

Fact 8
During his experiments using only images for the picture on his TV, he used a dummy named "Stooky Bill".

Fact 9
He transmitted the first long distance television picture, which traveled over 400 miles.

Fact 10
Not as popular as the TV, his other inventions include a glass razor, diamonds by the heating of graphite and pneumatic shoes.

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Short about John Logie Baird
A Scottish engineer, innovator and inventor.

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