Ten fun facts about John C. Reilly

Fact 1
John C. Reilly comes from a musical theater background and revealed his singing skills in the 2002 film “Chicago” in which he performed his own singing.

Fact 2
In 2003 three of the five films nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards featured John C. Reilly. The films were “Chicago,” “Gangs of New York,” and “The Hours”.

Fact 3
Is often times referred to as “his generation’s Gene Hackman,” because of the remarkable similarity in their physical build and features.

Fact 4
After a donkey was killed during production of the 2005 film “Manderlay,” Reilly walked off the set and quit the film.

Fact 5
John C. Reilly attended and graduated from Brother Rice High School located in Chicago.

Fact 6
Has appeared in three films wherein he played characters closely related to Howard Hughes. The films were “The Aviator,” “Melvin and Howard,” and “The Amazing Howard Hughes”.

Fact 7
In 2005 he served as a member of the dramatic jury for the Sundance Film Festival.

Fact 8
In order to play the lead character in the 2007 film “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story,” he had to lose weight to take on the role.

Fact 9
While filming the 1989 film “Casualties of War” he met his wife who was working at the time as the personal assistant of actor Sean Penn.

Fact 10
John C. Reilly is a huge Chicago White Sox fan and is very open about how much he admires and supports the team.

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Short about John C. Reilly
Is an American born Hollywood actor who is equally good in drama as well as comedy.

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