Ten fun facts about Jeremy Irons

Fact 1
The first big acting job that Jeremy Irons managed to bag was the role of John the Baptist in the musical “Godspell” in 1971.

Fact 2
In two famous films that he acted in, “Lolita” and “And Now… Ladies and Gentlemen…” Jeremy Irons played characters that had both the same first and last name.

Fact 3
He is a staunch supporter and major donor of the Labour Party.

Fact 4
Jeremy Irons once worked as a “busker” before becoming an actor. A busker is a person who sings and plays the guitar outside of a movie theater.

Fact 5
He goes all out to promote AIDs research and was one of the first actors to publicly display a Red Ribbon on his clothing when making public performances. Wearing a Red Ribbon is a way of declaring your support of AIDs research

Fact 6
Jeremy Irons is a huge English football supporter. His favorite team is Portsmouth F.C.

Fact 7
Kilcoe Castle, a popular castle located in Ireland is owned by Jeremy Irons.

Fact 8
Jeremy Irons lends his voice to the narration of Epcot’s “Spaceship Earth” attraction.

Fact 9
In 1984, this British actor performed in the Broadway play “The Real Thing.” That same year he won the Tony Award as Best Actor for the part.

Fact 10
He has a strange hobby that he is surprisingly proud of. In 1962 Jeremy Irons admitted during an interview that as a hobby he goes through dumpsters looking for items that he refers to as “treasures.”

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Short about Jeremy Irons
Is an English actor who won the Best Actor Oscar in 1990 for the film Reversal Of Fortune where he played the character of Claus von Bulow.

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