Ten fun facts about Drew Bledsoe

Fact 1
Bledsoe is best known as the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots from 1993-2001.

Fact 2
During the 1990s, Bledsoe was considered the face of the Patriots franchise.

Fact 3
Bledsoe was drafted first overall in the 1993 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots.

Fact 4
In July of 2012, Bledsoe was named the thirteenth greatest quarterback of the NFL's post-merger era, according to Football Nation.

Fact 5
Bledsoe was a star quarterback at Washington State University before he skipped his senior year to go professional.

Fact 6
After his retirement in 2007, Bledsoe founded the Doubleback Winery along with a close friend.

Fact 7
In his spare time, he also works with many philanthropic organizations.

Fact 8
Drew is now the offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at Summit High School in Bend, Oregon.

Fact 9
Drew Bledsoe is married to Maura Healy; the couple has four children.

Fact 10
In keeping with their tradition of giving New England sports figures parts in their films, the Farrelly brothers intended Drew Bledsoe to play the part in “There's Something About Mary” that eventually went to Brett Favre. Bledsoe passed.

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Short about Drew Bledsoe
is a former American football quarterback who played 14 seasons in the National Football League (NFL).

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