Ten fun facts about Audrey Tautou

Fact 1
Audrey Tautou was born in France on 9th August 1976. Her father was a dental surgeon and her mother was a teacher.

Fact 2
Even as a child Audrey was interested in becoming an actor and made efforts to learn acting from an early age.

Fact 3
She acted for the first time on television when she was 18 years old and when she was 19 she landed a role in the hit movie “Venus Beauty Institute” for which she won the Cesar Award for most promising actress.

Fact 4
Audrey Tautou gained global recognition and acclaim for her role in “Amelie” or “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain” which is also the most successful French movie in America.

Fact 5
She has also worked with Academy Award winner Tom Hanks in the movie “Da Vinci Code”, the cinematic adaption of Dan Brown’s bestselling novel.

Fact 6
Audrey played Coco Chanel in the French movie “Coco avant Chanel” and it released in the year 2009.

Fact 7
Over the years, she has also been very successful in the world of modeling appearing as the face of global brands like “Marie Claire” and “Vogie”.

Fact 8
She was the chosen host at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013 for both the opening as well as closing ceremonies.

Fact 9
Audrey prefers to work more in the French movie scene as she believes that is where she belongs rightfully, being from the region.

Fact 10
Another one of her English language movies was “Priceless” in the year 2006.

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Short about Audrey Tautou
Is a French actress and also a model who is known outside France as well for her roles in English movies.

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