Ten fun facts about Anthony Hopkins

Fact 1
While playing the role of Hannibal Lector in “The Silence of the Lambs” films he improvised numerous lines and actions. He also didn’t blink while delivering his lines to make the character creepier.

Fact 2
A noted alcoholic for several years, Anthony Hopkins finally managed to kick the addiction in 1975.

Fact 3
Though born in Wales he became a U.S. citizen in 2000. However, he was allowed to keep his British Knighthood.

Fact 4
Anthony Hopkins nearly died during the making of “The Edge”, after he fell into a river and acquired hypothermia.

Fact 5
Hopkins suffers from dyslexia. However, he has an excellent memory that allows him to quickly memorize scripts.

Fact 6
Before getting on camera he reads each and every script he appears in at least 250 times.

Fact 7
In different films, “Hannibal” and “Titus” has his hand butchered with a meat cleaver.

Fact 8
Director Joel Schumacher considered Hopkins for the role of Mr. Freeze in the film “Batman & Robin.” The director later gave the part to Arnold Schwarzenegger because he wanted somebody who was bigger built.

Fact 9
He is a fan of horror movies, his favorite being the film “Rosemary’s Baby.”

Fact 10
Prior to getting involved in acting, Anthony Hopkins aspired to be a famous concert pianist. However, he quickly caught the “acting bug” and began appearing in plays and discovered his passion for acting.

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Short about Anthony Hopkins
Is one of the most prolific actors who has been nominated for and has won numerous awards including the Best Actor Oscar multiple times.

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