Ten fun facts about Alcohol

Fact 1
Alcohol has been consumed and produced by people since the Neolithic Era or the New Stone Age times.

Fact 2
Even the pyramid workers drank beer. They made beer from barley as their daily drink. They were even buried with jars of beer so they weren't without it in the afterlife.

Fact 3
The legal drinking age for many countries is between 16 and 25 years. Some of them don't even have a drinking age such as Cambodia and Armenia.

Fact 4
There are approximately 88,000 deaths each year in the United States that can be attributed to excessive alcohol use.

Fact 5
Long term excessive alcohol use can lead to psychiatric problems, liver diseases and cardiovascular problems.

Fact 6
Alcohol use is the 5th risk factor for premature death and disability worldwide.

Fact 7
When breathalyzers were first introduced, the legal limit of alcohol in your blood content or blood alcohol concentration was .15. That's twice the limit it is now!

Fact 8
The Arabic name for alcohol or ethanol is 'al-gawl'. It means spirit or demon.

Fact 9
At the first Thanksgiving meal there wasn't any mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes or pumpkin pie. There was actually beer, brandy wine and gin.

Fact 10
While alcohol often makes you feel more energetic, it is actually a depressant and shuts down parts of your brain.

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Short about Alcohol
A flammable liquid used in drinks as well as fuel.

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