Ten fun facts about Sebastian Koch

Fact 1
Prior to getting started in acting, Sebastian Koch wanted to be a musician and if that career did not take off, his second choice was to teach music to children.

Fact 2
He discovered acting in the late 70’s when he watched a theater group perform that was directed by Claus Peymann. After that performance, he immediately decided to attend acting school.

Fact 3
Sebastian Koch attended Otto Falckenberg School of Acting located in Munich. He graduated in 1985.

Fact 4
His first television acting role was in the German crime series “Tatort”.

Fact 5
Sebastian Koch broke into American film when he appeared in the “Napoleon” mini-series alongside actors Gerard Depardieu and John Malkovich. He received excellent reviews for his role.

Fact 6
In 2007 he was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film. It was for the film “Black Book”.

Fact 7
Sebastian Koch resides in Berlin and lives with his daughter. He only comes to the states when involved in a film or television project.

Fact 8
In 2002 he was nominated for two Adolf-Grimme Awards. He is the first German actor to be nominated for two awards for two different films at this event.

Fact 9
Apart from speaking fluent German Sebastian Koch has mastered the language of French.

Fact 10
During his youth his mother worked at an orphanage. At one point during his childhood they both lived in the orphanage.

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Short about Sebastian Koch
Is a German born stage, television, and film actor.

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