Ten fun facts about Robert De Niro

Fact 1
Robert De Niro considers himself a method actor. After he has signed on to play a role, he always spends a great deal of time researching or generating extensive backgrounds for each of his characters.

Fact 2
While growing up in New York he was given the embarrassing nickname “Bobby Milk.” It is said that this nickname came about because he was so skinny and had very pale skin.

Fact 3
Both of his parents were artists who raised him around the arts.

Fact 4
In 1989 he formed his own production company. He named the production company TriBeCa Productions.

Fact 5
While in France in 1998, he was accused of being involved in a prostitution ring. He denied these charges and immediately vowed that he would never return to Paris again.

Fact 6
Robert De Niro’s first acting role was at age 10, when he played the part of the Cowardly Lion in a school play, “The Wizard of Oz.”

Fact 7
He has gone on record as having publicly stated that his favorite actress to work with is Meryl Streep.

Fact 8
In 2003 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer but made a full recovery.

Fact 9
He dropped out of school during his senior year in order to begin taking acting classes at Stella Adler’s acting school.

Fact 10
Robert De Niro has won two Academy Awards (one for Best Supporting Actor and one for Best Actor) while playing roles alongside Marlon Brando.

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Short about Robert De Niro
Is an American actor who is considered by many to be among the greatest actors to ever grace the screen.

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