Ten fun facts about Michael Caine

Fact 1
Michael Caine performed in the film “Hurry Sundown” in 1967. This was the first film that he played a role wherein he used an American accent.

Fact 2
During the early years of his career Michael Caine was roommates with actor Terence Stamp in London.

Fact 3
Stanley Caine, the younger brother of Michael Caine has appeared in three films that he has appeared in. These are “Billion Dollar Brain,” “Play Dirty,” and “The Italian Job”.

Fact 4
Michael Caine appeared in three films during the beginning years of his career that have been remade. These films are “Alfie,” “The Italian Job,” and “Get Carter”.

Fact 5
The very first film that Michael Caine appeared in was “Hell in Korea”, which was released in 1956.

Fact 6
Michael Caine is just this actor’s stage name. His real name is Maurice Micklewhite. He uses his real name in his day-to-day life.

Fact 7
Michael Caine was friends with John Wayne. He visited the actor several times while he was dying of cancer.

Fact 8
In 1972 Michael Caine was offered a role in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Frenzy”. He turned down the role.

Fact 9
Michael Caine has revealed that his inspiration for acting was Humphrey Bogart.

Fact 10
Out of all of the films that Michael Caine has appeared in he says that “Educating Rita” is his favorite.

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Short about Michael Caine
Is a British born actor who has played a wide variety of characters over the course of his career.

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