Ten fun facts about Jack Nicholson

Fact 1
Growing up Jack Nicholson was raised by his grandmother whom he thought was his actual mother. He did not discover the truth until a reporter for TIME magazine broke the news to him during an interview.

Fact 2
Jack Nicholson’s first movie was “The Cry Baby Killer.” He is best known for the playing the iconic role of Jack Torrance in Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen Kings supernatural thriller “The Shining.”

Fact 3
Jack Nicholson appeared in the 1960 movie adaptation of “Little Shop Of Horrors.”

Fact 4
One of his most famous movie quotes is “Here’s Johnny!” from “The Shining.” Interestingly, this line was not in the script. He made it up on the spot.

Fact 5
He became famous after the movie “Easy Rider” was released. He is also a producer, screenwriter, and a director.

Fact 6
He has a total of five children.

Fact 7
His trademark look is dark shaded glasses which he is rarely seen without when in public settings.

Fact 8
Worked at MGM as a messenger boy before getting started in acting.

Fact 9
Is a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan. When they play at home he refuses to miss a game. In fact, he requires his movie roles to be scheduled around these games.

Fact 10
Jack Nicholson grew up alongside actor Danny DeVito. Their families owned and operated a hair salon together.

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Short about Jack Nicholson
Is an American actor who has won several academy awards.

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