Ten fun facts about Colin Farrell

Fact 1
Colin Farrell is terrified of flying and suffers from aerophobia

Fact 2
He dislikes watching his own movies as he says that it makes him nervous. He goes to great lengths to avoid watching them.

Fact 3
His brother Emmon Farrell started taking dancing levels when he was young and Colin’s mother compelled him to take them too.

Fact 4
When he was young, acting was never a career that he had even remotely considered. His sole ambition in life at that point of time was to become a professional soccer player.

Fact 5
When he finally decided that he wanted to be an actor, it was in 1996 that his brother paid the £20 entrance fee to get him enrolled at the Gaiety School of Drama.

Fact 6
There were people who suspected that Colin was gay. In 2005, he sparked a fresh bout of rumors when he was spotted giving the famous soccer player Diego Maradonna a very brief kiss on the mouth.

Fact 7
He was a chain smoker and has probably never been able to give up the habit. The Crew members and cast of “Phone Booth” had seen him smoking over six cigarette packs every day.

Fact 8
Colin had been a premature baby and weighed in only 1lb 6 oz when he was born.

Fact 9
He idolized Al Pacino fan and was thrilled when Pacino called him the “best actor the generation had seen”

Fact 10
In 2003, he was named as one of 50 most beautiful people by People Magazine.

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Short about Colin Farrell
Is an IFTA and Golden Globe winning Irish actor who has appeared in several Hollywood films.

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