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Ten fun facts about Baseball

Fact 1:
300,000 to 1 is the chances that a fan can be hit by a baseball.

Fact 2:
The first baseball game played was in New York on June 19, 1845.

Fact 3:
Cal Hubbard is the only person credited in both baseball and football hall of fame.

Fact 4:
The first baseball stadium built in the U.S was Forbes field in Pittsburgh.

Fact 5:
The first rule book of baseball was issued in 1877. And it has been changing every year since then.

Fact 6:
Baseball is considered the national sport of US.

Fact 7:
Nolan Ryan had the longest career in baseball history that lasted 27 years.

Fact 8:
Doc Medich who was studying medicine while playing for the Texas Rangers, was able to save fan's life from a heart attack.

Fact 9:
Carl Edward is the shortest major league baseball player, he stood at three feet and seven inches.

Fact 10:
The national baseball hall of fame was created in 1935 in New York to celebrate the baseball 100th anniversary.

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Short about Baseball

Is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of nine players each.

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