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Ten fun facts about Alfred Wegener

Fact 1
Alfred Wegener was born in Berlin on November 1, 1880. He received a PhD in astronomy from the University of Berlin in 1904.

Fact 2
Wegener joined as an assistant at the Aeronautischen Observatorium Lindenberg in 1905. He went on an expedition to Greenland in 1906 to make meteorological studies.

Fact 3
From 1908-1914 he worked as a lecturer in meteorology, applied astronomy and cosmic physics at the University of Marburg.

Fact 4
Wegener first put forth his hypothesis on continental drift in 1912 in a lecture at a session of the Feologischen Verinigung at the Senckenberg-Museum, Frankfurt.

Fact 5
He went to Greenland the second time in 1913 to continue exploration and studies.

Fact 6
Wegener was drafted in to the War in 1914. He was wounded and discharged the same year, but served the army weather service till the end of the war.

Fact 7
He published the first version of his book “The Origin of Continents and Oceans” in 1915 and a revised version in 1922.

Fact 8
Wegener joined Hamburg University in 1921as a senior lecturer. In 1924 he joined the University of Graz as a professor of Meteorology and geophysics.

Fact 9
He made his third trip to Greenland in 1929 to continue his research on geological features.

Fact 10
Wegener died in November 1930 when he was on his fourth trip to Greenland.

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Short about Alfred Wegener

Was a German geophysicist and meteorologist who advanced the theory of continental drift.

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