Ten fun facts about Ethan Hawke

Fact 1
Ethan debuted as an actor at the age of 12 in Princeton, New Jersey’s McCarter Theater.

Fact 2
Hawke studied at the West Windsor-Plainsboro High School located in New Jersey. However, he is not pictured in the 1984-86 year book.

Fact 3
Ethan Hawke had been accepted by the Carnegie-Mellon University, School of Drama in Pittsburgh, PA. He dropped out within 5 months.

Fact 4
Hawke took a two-year sabbatical from acting two times whilst he was in his 20’s. The first time was when he studied English at NYU and the second time when he wrote a novel.

Fact 5
He is self-confessed Star Wars movies fan and can watch them over and over again without ever tiring of them.

Fact 6
He published “The Hottest State” his first novel in 1996. He sold it to Little, Brown and Company for an amount of $400,000.

Fact 7
He was the original choice for playing the lead role as an FBI agent in the 2002 movie “Red Dragon”. He turned down the role as he wanted to dedicate more time to movie-making.

Fact 8
He acted in the movie version of “Hamlet”. In the summer prior to the filming, he attended three sessions every single week in acting sessions conducted by his friend who had played the same part on stage.

Fact 9
Along with Steve Zahn , Robert Sean and Frank Whaleyand he was the co-founder of “Malaparte” a theatre company. The company is now defunct.

Fact 10
He is perpetually mistaken to be Mark McGrath the “Sugar Ray” band member. This happens to him so often that at times he ends up signing autographs as Mark McGrath. Interestingly the exact opposite happens to McGrath. He signs autographs as "Ethan Hawke".

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Short about Ethan Hawke
Is an American actor, director and writer and was born on November 6 1970 in Austin, Texas.