Ten fun facts about Paul Newman

Fact 1
In 1995 he ranked as the 12th sexiest celebrity out of 100 actors in the “100 sexiest Stars” in film history ranking created by Empire Magazine. He had piercing blue eyes, which women found irresistible.

Fact 2
In an act of protest against “formality,” he elected to burn his tuxedo on his 75th birthday.

Fact 3
In his fifties, Paul Newman launched a line of food products called “Newman’s Own”. His salad dressings are quite popular and are used by numerous eateries around the world.

Fact 4
Prior to acting he worked at his family’s sporting goods store.

Fact 5
The creator of the “Green Lantern” used Newman’s image as an inspiration for his design of the character.

Fact 6
Paul Newman was listed on the “Enemies List” that was made public during the Watergate scandal during the presidency of Richard Nixon.

Fact 7
During the early years of his career many people would mistake him for being Marlon Brando. He once revealed that he estimates that he signed nearly 500 autographs as Marlon Brando.

Fact 8
In 1986 Paul Newman won the best actor Academy Award for his role in “The Color Of Money”, which was directed by Hollywood heavyweight Martin Scorsese.

Fact 9
He was offered the role of Quint in “Jaws” in 1975. He turned down the role, which later went to Robert Shaw.

Fact 10
Paul Newman lost his long battle with lung cancer and died in Wesport, Connecticut on September 26, 2008.

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Short about Paul Newman
Is one of the most iconic and memorable actors in cinematic history who was also a car racing enthusiast and a professional racing driver. .

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