Ten fun facts about Omar Khayyam

Fact 1
During the day he was said to teach algebra and geometry and at night he would study astronomy.

Fact 2
It is believed that he has written at least 1,000 four line verses of poetry.

Fact 3
He and his colleagues are credited with accurately creating a calendar, including leap years, that depicted a correct average year length.

Fact 4
His work may have been the basis of extracting cubes and fourth roots or to extracting nth roots of numbers.

Fact 5
The treatise of Khayyam is considered as the first of parallels and axioms.

Fact 6
He not only studied under Sheik Muhammad Mansuri, but also under Imam Mowaffaw Nishapuri. Nishapuri is considered one of the greatest teachers of the Khorassan region.

Fact 7
When Sultan Malik Shah died, since Khayyam was his adviser, his widow turned against him and left for Mecca.

Fact 8
His poetry was not popularized until Edward FitzGerald studied and translated them.

Fact 9
Since Khayyam translates out to 'tent maker', it is said that he was born into a family of tent-makers.

Fact 10
His piece is one of the most important pieces on algebra written called "Treatise on Demonstration of Problems of Algebra".

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Short about Omar Khayyam
A Persian polymath.

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