Facts on Rare earth scientists

Dmitri Mendeleev

Is renowned for creating an effective Periodic Law and Periodic Table of Elements that embellishes every chemistry classroom in the world.

10 facts about Dmitri Mendeleev

Gustav Kirchhoff

Was a German physicist who was the first to show that electric current flows at the speed of light through a conductor.

10 facts about Gustav Kirchhoff

Hans Bethe

Was a German-born American theoretical physicist who is credited as one fo the founders of quantum physics.

10 facts about Hans Bethe

Willard Libby

Was an American chemist best known as the developer of the radiocarbon dating technique for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1960.

10 facts about Willard Libby

10 facts about

Henry Moseley

An English physicist.

10 facts about Henry Moseley

Lise Meitner

An Austrian physicist who worked on nuclear physics.

10 facts about Lise Meitner

Otto Hahn

A German chemist.

10 facts about Otto Hahn

Robert Bunsen

A German chemist who developed the Bunsen Burner.

10 facts about Robert Bunsen

Wilhelm Ostwald

A Baltic German chemist.

10 facts about Wilhelm Ostwald