Facts on National Youth Theatre members

Daniel Day-Lewis

Is a much revered British actor who has won the Academy Award for Best Actor more times than any other actor in history.

10 facts about Daniel Day-Lewis

Ben Kingsley

Is one of the most popular British actors to grace the silver screen.

10 facts about Ben Kingsley

Daniel Craig

Is an English-born Hollywood actor best known for his James Bond roles since 2006.

10 facts about Daniel Craig

Orlando Bloom

is an English actor

10 facts about Orlando Bloom

Michael York

Is a famous English actor.

10 facts about Michael York

Timothy Dalton

is a British actor of film and television

10 facts about Timothy Dalton

Kate Winslet

Is a British actress known for the iconic characters she has played over the years and for her off-beat selection of movie roles.

10 facts about Kate Winslet

Helen Mirren

Is a British actress who is official titled, Dame Helen Lydia Mirren.

10 facts about Helen Mirren

Ed Sheeran

is an English singer-songwriter.

10 facts about Ed Sheeran