Facts on Male Spaghetti Western actors

Henry Fonda

Is an American born actor who is known around the world for his many popular films.

10 facts about Henry Fonda

Clint Eastwood

Is one of the most recognized and quoted actors in American cinema, having played numerous iconic parts.

10 facts about Clint Eastwood

Jason Robards

Is a Chicago born, Los Angeles raised, All-American actor.

10 facts about Jason Robards

James Coburn

Was a charismatic American born actor who was best known for his role as a lean, lanky cowboy in numerous Western movies.

10 facts about James Coburn

Eli Wallach

is an American film, television and stage actor

10 facts about Eli Wallach

Charles Bronson

was an American film and television actor

10 facts about Charles Bronson

Lee Van Cleef

was an American film actor who appeared mostly in Westerns and action pictures

10 facts about Lee Van Cleef

Jim Brown

is an American former professional football player and actor.

10 facts about Jim Brown