Facts on American people of Romanian-Jewish descent

Murray Gell-Mann

Is an American physicist who is credited with the introduction of the concept of quarks.

10 facts about Murray Gell-Mann

Dustin Hoffman

Is an American born actor that has won numerous Academy Awards and is capable of playing very diverse characters.

10 facts about Dustin Hoffman

Harvey Keitel

Is a popular Hollywood character-actor born in Brooklyn.

10 facts about Harvey Keitel

Winona Ryder

Is an American actress who was born Winona Laura Horowitz on 29 October 1971.

10 facts about Winona Ryder

Bud Selig

is the ninth and current Commissioner of Major League Baseball (MLB), having served in that capacity since 1992 as the acting commissioner, and as the official commissioner since 1998.

10 facts about Bud Selig