Ten fun facts about Marlon Brando

Fact 1
Marlon Brando acquired two well-known nicknames over the years. These names were Bud and Mr. Mumbles. The latter was given to him by Frank Sinatra.

Fact 2
Prior to getting involved in acting he worked as an elevator operator for four days in a department store. He quit as he was embarrassed to announce the lingerie floor.

Fact 3
Marlon Brando used the Oscar that he won for the film “On the Waterfront” as a doorstop.

Fact 4
During a 1995 interview on “Larry King Live” he kissed Mr. King on the mouth.

Fact 5
Marlon Brando consistently refused to learn his lines. He would instead make use of cue cards to deliver his lines.

Fact 6
He is considered an innovator of the “method acting” technique. This technique is used by many actors including Oscar award winning actor Daniel Day Lewis.

Fact 7
Marlon Brando was expelled during high school for riding a motorcycle in the hallways of the school.

Fact 8
He was asked to reprise his role in two films, “The Godfather: Part II” and “Superman II.” He turned down both parts even after they offered to pay him triple of what anyone else was making. He did this claiming that when he is done with a part he is done with a part.

Fact 9
He owned an entire island that was located off the Pacific coast.

Fact 10
Marlon Brando died in 2004 of pulmonary fibrosis.

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Short about Marlon Brando
Has been heralded by both his peers and numerous critics as being the most charismatic American actor of all time.

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