Ten fun facts about Catherine Keener

Fact 1
Catherine attended Wheaton College in Massachusetts. She lived there with an aunt so that she could save on boarding and lodging. She always felt out-of-place amongst her privileged peers.

Fact 2
She majored in history and English and enrolled in a theater course only because she was unsuccessful in getting into a photography class.

Fact 3
“Uncommon Women and Others” was Catherine’s first theatrical production. She acted in it while she as Wheaton in junior year.

Fact 4
Keener worked in as an assistant to Gail Eisenstadt, the casting director, who helped her land a one-line waitress part in the 1986 film “About Last Night”. This was the first time she appeared on screen.

Fact 5
In a series that ran from Jan1987-May 1988, Catherine had a supporting in the TV series, “O’Hara”. It was about an Asian detective and played the role of “Lt. Cricket Sideris”.

Fact 6
Her breakthrough came in the 1991 comedy “Johnny Suede”. She acted opposite Brad Pitt who was an unknown name in the industry then.

Fact 7
In1992, she played the role of Jerry's girlfriend, an artist, in "The Letter", a “Seinfeld” episode.

Fact 8
Catherine was a very popular actress on the indie film scene. In 1999 she won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Nomination for her role in “Being John Malkovich”. She disliked the media attention that the nomination brought her.

Fact 9
Catherine played the role of Jan Burres in the 2007 film “Into the Wild”. It was based on a best-seller of the same name, by Jon Krakauer.

Fact 10
Two of Keener’s movies, “The Soloist” and “Where the Wiled Things Are” were pushed back from late 2008 to a 2009 release.

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